On the first day of our course, we were asked to draw an elephant using Photoshop. We were allowed to use any tools, however we were not allowed to use more than one layer. I was already familiar with Photoshop as I have used it in the past and it is similar to the drawing software I use at home when drawing in my spare time.

Using the brush/pencil tool I did a small outline of my elephant, then finding the colour I wanted to use for it’s grey skin, I filled it in. I then brought up the thickness of the brush and outlined the elephant once more. Lastly I added the (very messy) shading.

If I had time to improve it, I would have neatened up the shading and possibly made the outlining more sharper. I could have also possible explored more than the one tool (brush/pencil) that I used. Also I could have made the elephant a little more realistic and less cartoon and child-like.