Screen-printing is when you place a ‘screen’ (normally mesh) against a piece of material (be-it paper/cloth/etc.) and use a squeegee to push ink through the screen. This will print your design on the paper

Depending on the emulsion type and light bulb watts, the exposure time can take anything from 5 minutes to 1 and ½ hours (possibly even less or more). It really depends on the equipment.

The frame is made of wood with a thin screen fixed onto it. Your design is then placed onto it and (using a dark room as it is light sensitive) put a thin layer of emulsifier over the screen and your work. It then must dry. Once dried, you expose the frame to light, this will burn ‘holes’ into the area of your design. Removing your original design, a copy should be ‘burnt’ onto the screen, and then you put a piece of material (paper, cloth, etc.) under the burnt design. Using whatever colour is desired for your print, use the ink to make a thin line on the screen, then using a squeegee, push and drag the ink onto the burnt design and into the material. However you have to separate colours.