For another one of our tutorials, we had to manipulate the Wine Bottle photo, using lighting, filters and such on the ‘Adjustments’ tab. This gave us an insight on what magazine photo editors did to make a picture clearer or perhaps even to make it more aesthetic, making the manipulated photos to fit the style of magazine.

For my first manipulation I just adjusted the lighting to make the picture a little lighter with the Brightness/Contrast and Exposure tools, I then reduced the amount of blue and a little bit of yellow in the photo using the Hue/Saturation tools. I think it gave the original photo a ‘cooler’ and more sophisticated look.

For my second manipulation I simply used the Invert tool and adjusted to the lighting to make it brighter. It gives the photo an intense look however you can’t really read what’s on the bottle anymore.

If I had to improve on this task, I would have explored more with more of the tools on the ‘Adjustment’ tab to create better manipulations.