In our Illustrator lessons, we were asked to look at a specific poster and how the font was laid out. Typically they used a big eye-catching font for things such as titles, and then easy to read, not so extravagant font for the smaller details.

We were then asked to make our own game poster, using the layout like we had seen originally.

The poster I chose to look at was My Neighbour Totoro’s.



The poster was the closest to what game I would have liked to make in the sense of the different layers (be it darker or lighter) of a colour.

For the game I thought of, you play as a warrior type character in a (blurred line of 2d and 3d) black and white world. However, it is always night. The game starts off with the moon phased in a small crescent and throughout the game spreads into a full moon. The game consists on you marching through the platform level in order to reach your goal. Throughout this, there are obstacles and puzzles you mist fix and solve, whilst being constantly on edge due to two enemies.

The first enemy is a white wolf, one of the only other white objects in the world. You constantly ward it off as it tries to attack you. The next is a type of demon taking the form of sluggish looking humans. Unlike the wolf, they are constantly attacking you throughout the game however you can kill them. The character you play as is equipped with a sword for close combat and a cross bow for long range battling. They are also used to help you guide yourself throughout the game such as shooting down a rope ladder you can climb in order to progress.

Nearing the end of the game, you are about to defeat an enemy as you have done multiple times throughout the game, however this time, he throws a boomerang that knocks both your weapons towards him. Suddenly, the white wolf dives in to help you. There is a short cut-scene in the same style of your character going up to it, with a reaching hand, and warily petting it. The wolf then wags its tail before you pick up both crossbow and sword. You join with the foe to defeat the common enemy. The wolf has now been added to your team.

As you progress through the final stages, more enemy’s come making the wolfs help useful as it attacks beside you as you command it. Reaching the final boss, the moon is now full. Before you can command your wolf to do anything, it dives in and latches on to this huge demon that, although is also designed white, is shrouded in black on its outer lines unlike its minions you previously encountered. You cannot control the situation as the demon plunges its hand through the wolfs heart and renders it lifeless. The white body of your companion suddenly turns grey. Another cut-scene where the character goes up to your new companion, heart broken as he strokes it’s fur one last time. There would be a sudden change in music that makes the player feel angry and determined to defeat the demon boss. You can play again as you slice and shoot at the demon. It can counter attack but it should be easy enough to kill.

Throughout the game, I would have left little secret for your character to find as a ‘bonus’. If you have enough of these bonuses you immediately unlock the good ending, however if not, you get the bad ending. One of these bonuses includes your wolf sitting down every once in a while. You can either run straight past it or stop to pet it. Another is a small shiny white object that is otherwise meaningless.

The bad ending is where the demon once again tears its arm through your body, much like it did with your canine companion, just as you plunge your sword through its own heart. You both fall the floor dead (turning from white to a grey colour) and after a moment when the player gets enough time to sink in (and hopefully question if it’s the end of the game) a translucent spirit ascends from your characters body as it floats to the black sky. In the breaking full moon that is giving way for the sun, yours and your canines spirit both play together into the day light. And that is where it ends, fading to white.

The good ending is where your character plunges his sword into the demons chest, killing it and it falls lifeless. Once again there is a moment where noting happens except the sky turns lighter gradually, trying to trick the player into thinking the game has ended, when suddenly a small orb of light comes out of the demons dead, grey body. Your character immediately grabs it. You then control him to go to your companions dead body to put the light orb into it. A moment passes where nothing happens then suddenly a brilliant light shrouds the wolf, returning its grey fur back to white. There is then a cut scene of the creature jumping up at you playfully and you petting it, the screen then ascends into the new sky, a bright sun dead centre as birds fly (for the first time) overhead.



The first step to making my poster, I drew the outlines of my characters.


I then filled the characters in with white. This is the first and top layer.


I then started adding small but important details for the second layer. The constantly moving ground and constantly changing moon.


I then added background layers to make it more full and to give it depth.


I then resized the wolf so it would fit on the third layer while adding more detail onto the futher backgrounds.


I then added the text ‘Chalk’ and created my final part of the poster.