Sound Audio research

The purpose of audio in a video game is to immerse the player further into the game and to portray different emotions or to imply an even that is about to happen. A good example of this is in the game Pokémon, if you run in the long grass, a certain type of music will play if you run into a wild Pokémon – this happens just before the battle. Another example of this is an overlapping sound feature in Mario Kart where. Although there is the background music, when you drive into a question block – another sound is featured to show that you hit the block and gained an item.

Most racing car games are able to find a car that matches the one in their game and are able to ask the owner of said car if they can record the engine sounds. However, some – if not most, expensive car owners don’t particularly like a team of people fiddling round with their precious cars. With the popular racing game, Forza, the audio recording is simple and straightforward. Every car engine noise is recorded in the same car, however they take out the engine and swap it for another, mix and matching parts to suit the car they have simulated in their game. The audio in this game actually requires a lot of science and research.

Forza Horizon 3 is where the company really challenged themselves with their audio. The ‘Sea of Thieves’ was their first step to proper sea technology and was to be super complex. Not only did they have the regular background music and sound of the cars (engines, tyre screeches, etc.) but also went out and recorded the sounds of the waves crashing against the sand. They also did this with the weather sounds, such as rain and thunder. How they did this was actually scrapping all the collision samples they sourced for their previous game, Horizon 2, and instead recorded the audio of themselves smashing an old Ford Ka with sledgehammers and throwing stones at it to simulate the sound of gritty road surfaces. They also isolated the sound of tyres on a beach for the game.

Ideas, Planning  and Development


Link 1: Racing Car Game Music Loop

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