1. a feeling of expectation and desire for a particular thing to happen.

2. a feeling of trust.

To me, hope is something that a person has when all things seem bad around them. A feeling that things will get better even if things seen forlorn. In my opinion, hope can be both good and bad. It’s good to have hope to keep optimistic, after all, no-one really likes someone who’s constantly negative all the time. However, it can be a little foolish to be too hopeful, especially when someone is overly confident about it.
A film that portrays hope well is the movie Spirited Away. A little girl named Chihiro is moving away to a new city with her parents, however while driving in the car, they became lost and ended up to the opening of an old shrine. Exiting the car they decided to explore the new place which turns out to be an abandoned amusement park. Adventuring further, the parents discover amazing food and indulge in it while Chihiro refuses and tries to pull them away. The sun begins to set and spirits start to come out, the mass amount of grass has now become water – blocking her way home. She meets a boy named Haku who tells her she must leave, returning to her parents, she finds out they had been turned into literal pigs as she runs to find out what happened. Running away from them, Haku helps her not disappear from the spirit world and promises to help her find her parents. Chihiro must work at Yubaba’s bath house while – a place where god and spirits come to relax. While she works hard, her parents stay at the bathhouses stockhouse – rescuing them and returning home seems hopeless. Haku warns Chihiro that if she forgets her own name she can never leave – this is how Yubaba keeps people here, as Haku has forgotten his own. Later on, Chihiro sees a dragon fighting origami paper birds and it is heavily bleeding, following it – she realises it is Haku and tries to help him, by visiting Yubaba’s twin sister Zaniba. Returning back to the bathhouse, Chihiro must guess which pigs are her parents – guessing correctly, she is granted freedom. Chihiro also has a memory of riding a dragon when she was small because she was drowning in a river. It was called the Kohaku River – Haku’s real name. Haku is then released from Yubaba’s control and Chihiro is sent back to her own world with her parents.